Social Media Influencers are becoming more and more effective ways to promote your company to a wide audience of engaged potential customers. We identify Social Media Influencers who have a large suitable audience, and then we arrange for them to come and visit your school, college or university to promote you to their audience. Key benefits include:

  • Digital influencer will do a tour of the school and meet & greet students
  • Digital Influencer social media coverage (Instagram / YouTube) And other platforms where appropriate
  • Digital influencer will create content during the visit for his social media. For example Instagram stories, tweets, etc.
  • Youtube Video about your institution (for the Digital Influencer channel)
  • Content about the school to be included in the Youtube video to go to the Digital Influencer's channel.
  • V1 Team to produce a 2 to 3 minute professional video about the Influencer visit to each school. The school may use in its social media/website.
  • Promotion of the destination
  • Influencer to visit attractions, tourist sights, etc in the destination to create content for his/her social media, promoting and selling the destination to potential students. Influencer will tag @ the school social media in the content.
  • Increase the school social media engagement and audience
  • During the visit to the school and tours/attractions day, the V1 team will produce "backstage" content to be posted in the school social media. The influencer will talk in his/her stories about this extra content being available in the school's social media, attracting thousands of new followers / potential students.
  • A hotsite/microsite such as exclusive for the tour which the Influencer will promote encouraging potential students to complete a form to receive a quote/learn more. All of these enquiries are sent directly to your school, or a nominated agent.
  • V1 Media Group coverage of the tour
  • Full coverage of the tour with mentions to the school in the different V1 Media Group brands/social media.
Flights, accommodation, airport transfers, general expenses (food), videos and social media coverage are all included in the package. There will be a team of 3 during the visit, the Influencer, the cameraman, and the director/producer.

Watch our video to learn more: