Depending on the nature of your brief, the size of your establishment and the number of employees, the first task is to evaluate the organisational structure of your establishment, and identify the key individuals for accountability purposes.

Once we have fully explored the nature of your organisation, we evaluate the quality of provision in all areas, and any other outcomes i.e. examinations, turnover of students/pupils, staff. We then make judgments set against the standards established by OFSTED, the British Council, or any other accreditation agency including the independent schools inspection service and those accredited by the DFE to carry out inspections in schools and colleges. When necessary, we will also use the criteria established by the "host country" and look at the standards which may be published and see whether or not the provision in the establishment meet standards inspected.

We operate by identifying "best practice" principles and provision, for whilst the establishment may meet the minimum requirements to meet some inspection criteria, we always operate on identifying "even better ifs" and ensuring that there is a very clear structure route map to excellence and outstanding provision.

We will monitor implementation of the advice that we provide and ensure that clear targets are set, and where necessary will support this with coaching and mentoring and training.

Our current successes are that we have been able to raise standards from "requiring improvement" or those establishments with "poor" provision, or not meeting standards at all, to excellent and outstanding standards.