If product is what your business does, then brand is who your business is.

A brand defines an organisation's personality – how it projects itself and interacts with the world.

A great brand can be incredibly powerful. By engaging the heart as well as the head, it can attract the most passionate customers, the most talented staff, and the attention and respect of competitors.

If carefully nurtured, your brand can be your most valuable asset.

If you are interested in any of the following, then we can help:

  • Re-branding your business
  • Refreshing or redefining your brand
  • Taking your brand to new markets or industries
  • Adding new products to your brand

Starting with an in-depth analysis of your existing brand, and an understanding of the vision and passion behind it, we will manage the entire project from conception to delivery.

We were proud to recently relaunch the Ardmore Language Schools brand, both online and offline. Ardmore wanted evolution, rather than revolution of their brand, and so we worked in modernising their brand assets, and their marketing collateral. We focused on the 'smile' aspect of their logo, and used that as the new brand 'hook' across all media. The image below is from the photo shoot we managed in our studio in West London, taking key shots for the Ardmore brochure which you can read more about here.

You can view the video we produced by clicking here

You can view the brochure we designed and printed here

You can visit the website we designed and built for this project here

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